by Michel Van Devender
From our Bechtler visit: Top left – Picasso, top right – Calder, bottom right – Steinberg, bottom left – Miro, center – Picasso.

Late last year, pre-COVID, we visited one of our favorite art museums in Charlotte, The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. The featured exhibition was entitled Nomadic Murals: Tapestries of the Modern Era. It was the first time the museum’s full collection of tapestries had been shown. Some of our faves were by Picsasso, Calder, Le Corbusier and Miro. Just wow… these are what our visual and tactile dreams are made of! And can I just say, it’s almost impossible to keep your hands from reaching to explore the myriad of interesting textures, even after the docent kindly reminds us these are NOT for touching! 

Then, my oldest son drove cross country in the spring (yes in a pandemic) and returned with a sweet gift – a small wall hanging he found in Winslow, Arizona (Take It Easy…). He got major style points for selecting a piece with the most perfect graphic design and color combination. Is it nature or is it nurture? We know he’d just roll his eyes at us right about now!  We’re so excited to see where his thoughtful purchase gets placed in our new home.

All of this inspiration has tapestries and wall hangings on our design mind. We’ve honestly kind of become obsessed with what we’d previously overlooked, online shopping and searching for these intricate textiles and researching this cool art form. Admittedly, we’ve also watched one too many YouTube how-to videos on creating your very own DIY version. We all know how this inevitably goes!

While the majority of us may be unable to purchase large, woven hangings for our homes created by the modern art greats, seeing these aspirational examples made me wonder why we’re not adorning more of our residential walls and interior spaces with some version of these threaded goods. I see some nice ones here and there, but nothing detailed and large scale. Duplicating museum representations is unrealistic for sure, but there are many, beautiful, accessible wall tapestries, and what can be made into wall hangings, available out there. In my many years of doing design, I’ve yet to use this form of art in my interior projects, but I’m clearly rethinking tapestry art. 

Let’s go forth and hang some textiles!!! And perhaps it’s just a spectacular, vintage rug (not a heavy one) displayed on the wall. Or maybe you’re far more crafty than we are and can create your own (If so, good for you, and we envy you for sure!). Either way, my art/design horizons have officially been expanded. I soooo love being inspired!


Our Favorite Tapestries
(NOT in an art museum!)

Le Bon Cote from LRNCE
Cliff from BoFred
Anthropology Wall Hanging from Froy
Mina Lines Rug - Oat from Made Trade
Cloud Break Tapestry from Aelfie

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