by Michel Van Devender


Over the past five years, it has become increasingly more difficult to ignore the information out there on toxins, including in skincare and beauty products. There is mounting research and evidence on the health implications of what goes in and on our bodies. It’s also concerning that many of the ingredients used in unregulated U.S. beauty products have been banned in other countries. Thankfully, there are a growing number of health and environmental advocates devoting their time and energies to shining a light on the issue and leading efforts for change. I’m definitely not a qualified expert, but I am a research junkie who is passionate about health and wellness. My goal is to make educated, informed decisions about my products as well as share what I’ve learned to help others. 

What Can We Do?

Toxins are everywhere and in so much of what we consume, much of which we cannot control (or at least not without drastic, collaborative measures as a community, as a country and as a planet). Over time, I have reached the conclusion that there are certain personal choices and practices within my control, and this is where I choose to focus my attention. I do believe the cumulative impact of small changes can positively affect our health. For me, this includes taking steps to reduce the toxin load for myself and for my family. We have become more discerning and proactive, making different food (another post topic) and product (personal and household) choices, when possible. As consumers, we often forget we have a voice that is silently expressed in every purchase we make. It’s actually pretty powerful, especially if you consider how we collectively influence the products companies are making and selling. I love supporting companies who are striving to make healthier and cleaner alternatives available, especially more affordable options. It is my belief that toxin free products should be available to everyone. 

Where To Begin

I know from personal experience that cleaning up products can be overwhelming and expensive. That is why I made, and recommend making, gradual changes until you can replace your existing products with better, less toxic versions. It does take time and research to find what you like and what works best for you. I try to shop around for the best products and prices. Two apps I frequently use are EWG Healthy Living and Think Dirty. They both make searching the plethora of options quick and easy. Each company rates products and assigns a score so you can make better purchasing decisions. Some items are not listed on either app and therefore have not been tested and reviewed by the companies. When this is the case, I may still use the product, but know I need to dig a little deeper, and do my own research before buying.

Overall, I do feel better about the products I’m using on my skin and in our home. We of course cannot live in a toxin-free bubble, but the more we shift our choices towards safer, cleaner products, the more positively we can impact our health and the environment. Do you have any clean beauty products that you love? Please share. Wishing you the very best in your health and wellness! 


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