by Michel Van Devender

We didn’t exactly plan to build a house during the COVID-19 outbreak, but here we are, still moving forward on a project that has been in the works since last summer. And, the train had already left the station so to speak.

It’s difficult to ignore the uncertainty of these times. I’m finding if I focus on the “what ifs” and what might go wrong right now, it does nothing but create anxiety. If we had a crystal ball, we might’ve put the construction phase on hold. Then again, who really knows. Right?!

So, here we are moving forward, somewhat blindly, with hope and optimism for the future. We’re thankful we have the option to continue. We’re also thankful for our bada#$, creative builder, Vasseur Home Design, who has gracefully kept the wheels on the bus and the project moving, while also creating a safe working environment for the many tradespeople who work their magic. We feel good about having a project that keeps people safely employed. So, we’ve decided to take it day by day and focus on the good. What else can you do?

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