by Michel Van Devender

And NO, it’s not another child!!!

It’s official… we’re building our dream house AGAIN! (Insert excited squeal here!) After living in the same neighborhood and on the same street, in two different houses, for over 14 years, we’re all signed up, literally with the bank and a contractor, for a new house, a new neighborhood and a new adventure. We’ve always been open to new, creative opportunities. Even when the fear of change creeps in (and there has definitely been some fear), we ultimately move forward, trusting that there’s a bigger plan at work and a new chapter to be written. So, a little over five years after completing our current black modern home, our new project is under construction! In six to eight months, what’s started as an almost blank slate with a red barn will soon be our home sweet home… fingers crossed. Hope you’ll follow along as the process unfolds… start to finish, beginning to end! YES, here we go again!!!


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